Summer Camp Candle - FJORD AND FABLE
Summer Camp Candle - FJORD AND FABLE

Summer Camp Candle

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Our Summer Camp Mosquito Repellent Candle is a DEET-free solution to keep summertime pests at bay. It is expertly crafted using only our proprietary blend of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils with known compounds that effectively discourage mosquitos from interrupting your late-night chats! Featuring woody base notes of cedarwood and botanical middle notes of lavender, rosemary and thyme, our Summer Camp mosquito repellent candle provides a much more delightful and pleasant aroma compared to the traditionally plain citronella candle.

We recommend lighting Summer Camp in your outdoor space up to one hour in advance for optimal performance.

Active Ingredients:

  • Cedarwood EO
  • Lavandin Grosso EO
  • Rosemary EO
  • Thyme EO
  • Citronella EO
  • Peppermint EO

  • Candle Weight: 14oz
    Burn Time: approximately 70+ hours

    Summer Camp is poured into 100% recycled glass and comes with a cork lid. It can be reused to store any of your household items. We recommend not washing the vessel in the dishwasher.

    At Fjord and Fable, we value quality and process. We know that when you burn a candle, you're not just releasing the fragrance into your home, but also whatever else is in it. So, we only use 100% natural soy wax, premium fragrance and essential oils, and lead-free, zinc-free cotton-core wicks when crafting our hand poured candles.

    Vegan ∙ Zinc-free ∙ Lead-free ∙ Phthalate-free ∙ Ethically Sourced and Created ∙ Pesticide-free ∙ Zero Animal Cruelty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    A summertime must.

    Love this candle! I put it right beside me when I am working in my garden and it works great keeping bugs away.

    Decorative and Functional

    The packaging on this candle is so cute for a deck/patio area! It definitely smells like citronella and works to keep the bugs to a minimum but the other scents in it help to tone it down and make it a more pleasant smell to be around. Highly recommend.

    Great patio candle

    This candle burns nicely and has a great smell. Not overpowering. Seems to work to keep bugs away. Love it!

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