Fjord and Fable Jar Buyback Program

Welcome to Fjord and Fable's Jar Buyback Program – a sustainable initiative empowering you to make a difference. Return your empty FJORD AND FABLE original glass vessels for rewards and embrace a circular economy that reduces waste and preserves our planet's beauty. Together, let's create a greener, more sustainable future, one jar at a time.

How It Works


(1 jar minimum)

Return any clean, FJORD AND FABLE original glass vessel to us in-person at our retail shop or one of the markets listed here. We will collect your any of our glass vessels in any quantities, and issue you FJORD AND FABLE Rewards points good for dollars off future orders! Learn more about our rewards program here!

Online Customers

We apologize, but at this time, we are unable to accept jar buybacks from our online-only customers. When evaluating the life cycle assessment of a jar we buyback online, we cannot justify the resources consumed when shipping it back to us. However, we are actively working on finding a solution that will make this feasible, and we will keep you all informed of any progress we make.

Eligible Glass Vessels

Fjord and Fable original branded vessels only.

4oz Candle
6oz Candle
8oz Candle
10oz Colored Glass Candle
11oz Candle
28oz Candle
Summer Camp 14oz Candle (and cork lid)
8 fl oz Hand Wash
4 fl oz Room + Linen Spray

What are the perks?!

You'll earn:
25 points per any clean FJORD AND FABLE original glass vessels (up to $1.25 value)

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us, or email us at