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I’ll never go without it

This spray smells incredible. It keeps the soft surfaces in my home smelling so fresh. I even spray this onto my clothes sometimes. The scent is just so comforting and fresh and perfect in every way.

Seasonal club

Love this idea! It will give me the opportunity to try new scents that I may miss by not selecting them myself. Thanks for offering this service!

Kraken Candle
Sabrina K.
A new favorite

This candle smells SO good. The fresh, musky scent just makes me feel cozy. It makes me want to curl up on the couch with a good book and lose track of time for a few hours. Highly recommend!


This candle is incredible. I love burning this in my kitchen. The scent is fresh and relaxing & grounds me after a long day. I love this one!

Favorite Scent

This spray is perfect for those quick needs and smaller spaces. Uplifting, fresh scent. So good! Will be back for more when this empties. :) Love it!

Amazing Scent!

Love this scent and the melts. Fragrance lasts LONG time. I can melt it in my primary bedroom and it gently floats through the house. So good!


I absolutely love this candle. Perfect amount of fragrance to make my room smell without being overwhelming.


My go-to scent for rainy days and cooler weather! Woodsy with the perfect amount of leather!

I love this scent! It’s clean, but warm! Perfect for my bedroom!

Baltic Amber

One of my favorite scents! Makes my home smell like a luxury hotel!

Calming Scent

Just a little spray of this cool rain-like scent fills the room. I like it because it reminds me of the smell of the first step outside on mornings after it's rained; fresh and sweet.


Light, clean, and so refreshing!

Love this scent!

I bought this candle mainly because of the name and the turquoise container since that’s my favorite color. I have been burning it a few hours each weekend and it makes my house smell amazing! It’s both refreshing and relaxing at the same time.

Tortuga Candle
My favorite!

I can’t fully explain what it is about Tortuga but it is hands down my favorite scent from Fjord & Fable, perhaps even my favorite candle in Pittsburgh.

So I had purchased this smaller version of Chaterlain, not being sure of how it was goin to smell, burn etc. I was So very happy to see them at Flea in The Strip I couldn’t wait to grab a larger candle!!! Great scent, very even burn, SMELLS AMAZING!!! MY neighbor came over because she smelled it outside my window(which was open) to ask what the scent
was!!! LOVE THIS CANDLE!!!! Thanks Guys ❤️❤️

Best Tomato Candle

I’ve been on a mission to find a tomato candle, and this one is top tier. Any minute I’m awake and home, this candle is lit. It’s the perfect scent and is strong enough to smell up my first floor but the perfect amount that it’s not ~too~ smelly like your typical bath n body candles.

If fjord and fable has 100 fans, I’m one of them. If fjord and fable has 10 fans, I’m one of them. If fjord and fable has one fan, it’s me. If fjord and fable has no fans, I’m dead.

Chatelaine Candle
Samantha B.

This has become my new favorite candle. It's both earthy and spicy and it fills the house beautifully. I love it!

Love love love!

This candle has made my basement art studio smell incredible! I'm in love with the Sphinx scent. I couldn't tell there was anything less-than-perfect about the candle. I love it.


I was hesitant to buy a "not quite perfect." I wasn't sure what I was going to get, but I really like the Tortuga scent, so I got one of these along with a regular Tortuga. There are some minor imperfections in the glass at the top, but still the same great scent and nothing crazily imperfect!

Best Scent!

I'm generally not a candle person, but my wife bought one of these at an event last year and I bought a couple more because this scent is amazing! A perfect scent and candle for guys, for sure!

The Best Candle you won't want to light!

I adore this candle so much, it adds that much-needed color to accent my decor. The candle smells incredible to boot - very masculine ocean vibes. Will be buying it again!

Amazing scent

Lovely soft floral with just a hint of lemony citrus and sea salt. Definitely a favorite.

Calm, soothing scent

Really loved this candle - it had a lovely, clean smell, and a perfect touch of eucalyptus and lemon. A very calm, soothing scent!

Second one

I got smaller version at an art show and fell in love immediately. Great non-holiday scent for wall, winter, and early spring.

My New Favorite Candle

Smells amazing!