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Delightfully Unique Scent

I am obsessed with this candle. The scent combination is unlike any other and blends together to create an intoxicating aroma that quickly fills the room without overpowering.

This has a nice, clean smell with a slightly earthy undertone; it very much reminds me of spring.

Lovely rose forward smell that is not overly sweet due to the sandlewood and musk.

The Best!!!!

Quite possibly the best smelling candle I have ever owned!!!!! Beautiful and burns perfectly! Thank you!!!!!

Favorite scent

This is my favorite candle. I absolutely LOVE the scent. It’s so calming and relaxing. I will make sure I never run out of this candle!!

Great candle

Great scent and happy to support a small business!

Love this candle! Perfect for winter!

I had several candles shipped to friends for Christmas gifts and they LOVED them! I will definitely order again soon. Thank you!

Great Gift

I bought this as a Christmas gift for a family member who is already raving about it two days later. Looks beautiful and smells great.

Krampus ∙ Orange, Clove & Birch Branches
Best smelling candle!!

I'm obsessed with this scent! The scent is gorgeous and one candle burning scented my entire house! I love it!!

Great seasonal scent

Great for Christmas time!

Gretel and Hansel

Love love love these candles!

Father Yule ∙ Fir, Orange, Leather & Tobacco
Incredible Candle

This is my first Fjord & Fable candle and I am officially hooked. The scent is beautiful and cohesive. The candle itself burns incredibly clean and even. I will only buy Fjord & Fable from now on.


Burning right now! Love the way these candles burn so cleanly down to the bottom and awesome to be able to recycle the rocks glass. These are truly great quality candles! Have sat them on top of the woodstove when they are down so low they won’t light, and have been able to get another day of scent!

Yule log

This is the second time I’ve bought this scent. Love it!

Father Yule ∙ Fir, Orange, Leather & Tobacco
Best. Candles. Ever.

Great product and value! If it wasn't COVID I could only imagine the compliments from my friends and family on how lovely my home now smells. Fast shipping and securely packed. Would highly recommend.

Smells like winter

A perfect scent for transitioning from winter solstice/Christmas into the new year.

Wonderful, clean scent

I love the citrus/sage combination of this candle.

Earthy, warm holiday scent

I'm saving this one for next week. It smells like Christmas tree and wood fire, which is just lovely.

Light, holiday smell

I burning this now. It really does smell like a wreath.

Gretel ∙ Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Molasses
Smells like Christmas

This is the best smelling candle I’ve ever owned.

Christmas Every Morning

These candles are great! This year we opted out of a buying a real tree for Christmas (sacrifices I'm learning to make throughout my marriage) and I missed that beautiful scent of Balsam Fir. Lapland smells identical to your traditional Christmas tree. I highly recommend any of these candles! I cannot wait for more scents to debut from this company. It feels great to have my home smelling wonderful and also knowing that I'm not filing it with any harmful toxins for my family.

Father Yule ∙ Fir, Orange, Leather & Tobacco
First Purchase & Impressed. Gift Worthy!

Just received 'Father Yule' and 'Yule Log' as my first purchases from Fjord and Fable. Impressed with the subtle yet complex scents and the restaurant-grade rocks glasses they are poured into (for later use). 'Father Yule' is going to get sent to a few cigar-smoking buddies this Christmas. The hints of leather and tobacco are comforting, familiar, and warming. And the orange suggests snacks may be forthcoming. The customer service and shipping were excellent.

First Purchase & Impressed, Gift-Worthy

I've always associated Christmas morning with candles, but 'Yule Log' is going to get used throughout my Texas winter. The right amount of scent, and of a complexity that is compelling without overwhelming. The fact that the candle comes in a restaurant-grade rocks glass that can be put to work when the candle is gone is an added bonus. Also bought 'Father Yule' and will be sending a couple as gifts. But these first two are for me!


It makes my room smell like I have a real tree! I have it open, just sitting next to my fake Christmas tree for a subtle tree smell most of the time but light it when I'm wanting something more! Exactly what I was looking for.