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A quiet winter night with a lovely scent

We LOVE this candle - a beautiful blend, and just enough to infuse a room. We don't like candles that overpower a space, and Yule Log is a perfect level of "ooh, this smells so good!" without making us sneeze! Perfect for a cozy winter night :)

Warm, inviting, long-lasting scent

My mother-in-law purchased a Tortuga candle for me at a pop-up market a few months ago. We have it on a shelf in a large space in our home and this wonderful scent is pleasantly present in the space even when it is not lit. We recently purchased several more for other spaces in our home and for gifts.

Amazing scent!

This candle is amazing! A very unique scent. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Perfect Fall Candle

This candle smelled sooooo good! I love pumpkin candles, but sometimes they can be too strong or sweet. This one is absolutely perfect and I can't wait to get more!

So refreshing!

This scent is so lovely. Candle burns cleanly and I love the warmth and aroma in the air. Received as a gift and will probably go on to gift to those I love!

Warm Cozy Scent

Absolutely love this seasonal scent - it embodies everything seasonally from early fall through Thanksgiving. It's got a creamy aroma of a freshly baked pumpkin cake slathered in homemade buttercream. 10/10 would order again.

Awesome fall fragrance

A very soothing scent with the perfect combination of spices and a touch of sweetness.

Perfect for a breezy night

Had this burning with my window open and a book in my lap. Can't beat it.

Perfect for Halloween

I love this candle, wish I would have purchased the larger size to enjoy longer but it was enough to celebrate Halloween with a bit of sophistication.

Great fall scent

I really enjoy this scent, not overwhelming, just a warm and cozy smell in the air.

A house warmer

This candle has lovely light spice and pumpkin scent, with a hint of sweet. It is a perfect candle to give your home a little warmth in the air, like you baked a pie this morning or have some potpourri on the stove. It is not an overwhelming scent like many pumpkin candles and it doesn't have any vanilla!!!!!

A perfect cold weather candle

This candle smells like pine on a cold wind, with a hot mug of cider. It is a perfect transitional scent from warm fall through winter

Fall vibes

I made a fall bucket list and one item was to buy a fall candle from a local candle maker. I’m so pleased that fjord and fable allowed me to check this off the list in a great way. This candle smells amazing, burns evenly and I’m excited to actually finish the candle to have the cocktail glass at the end to enjoy. Will definitely purchase more from fjord and fable (next up is a holiday scent) and recommend others to buy as well.

Echo Lake and Jack O'Lantern

As always Fjord and Fable came thru with 2 new to me scents that are vibrant and refreshing. Thank you for making such an excellent product for me to enjoy in my home.

I Love It!

I am sure there are plenty of pumpkin “spice” lovers here! This candle is the best pumpkin scented candle I’ve burned. I absolutely love the scent and the candle burns very clean. If you are a pumpkin spice fan, order this candle! You’ll be glad you did!

Great Fall Scent

I purchased this at the Squirrel Hill Night Market. I asked for a recommendation on a not-too-sweet fall/winter scent (I don't love pumpkin, caramell-y or vanilla food scented candles) and was referred to the Echo Lake. I have been really enjoying it!

Pumpkiny wonderfulness

This candle has a more authentic pumpkin smell than mass market candles, in the best way! Also clean burning and long lasting scent!

Another perfect candle!

All of my Fjord and Fable candles are my favorite, but this might be my FAVORITE favorite. It is clean burning, with a warm scent: perfect!

Incredible candles!

Every candle I have purchased from Fjord and Fable is my favorite! I chose Krampus partially for the name, but it smells amazing! I have it on my bedside table and I don't even need to light it to enjoy the fragrance!


Reminds me of Christmas! I love krampus and there are not as many krampus related things out there as you'd think

Perfectly pumpkin-y

Like all Fjord and Fable candles, this smells delightful. It has a bit of sweetness to it, but it is also earthy/savory. A perfect Thanksgiving scent!


This is by far my favorite scent! I Love fall candles, and this is the perfect blend of fall scents and subtle aromas you would want to smell throughout your whole house!

Get Kraken!

Like all F&F candles, Kraken takes a unique approach to a familiar family of scents. With no synthetic-blue “marine” notes, Kraken still evokes the rugged masculinity of Vikings and the murky depths of the sea.

Beautiful autumn scent

The smoky notes in this candle take it up a notch (or 20!) from the typical fall candle. This is the smell of dry leaves, campfires, walks in the woods.

Mabon Candle

Burned well for our night of Mabon.