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Ambiance Without Irritation

I am extremely sensitive to fragrances, even natural ones, so I've never found enjoyment in scented candles but I really enjoy lighting a candle for the ambiance so I am so excited to be able to get the best of both worlds! No sneezing from fragrance and the enjoyment of soft candle light!

Decorative and Functional

The packaging on this candle is so cute for a deck/patio area! It definitely smells like citronella and works to keep the bugs to a minimum but the other scents in it help to tone it down and make it a more pleasant smell to be around. Highly recommend.

Maui candle

Maui candle smells divine- so yummy - you can even smell the candle when it’s not lit - my kitchen smells great all the time.


This smells like I imagine a shipwreck might--earthy, oceany goodness.


Dragon's blood is one of my favorites, and I love the pairing with citrus here.

Another excellent new scent

This smells like an open air market; it is spicy and earthy and glorious.

Smells divine

This smells like the perfect smudge stick in candle form; it is a lovely, clean scent.

Smells Like Pina Colada

Love this new summer scent! Smells exactly like making Pina Coladas when it’s burning. Clean and even burn as well as long lasting add to the awesomeness of this candle (and all Fjord and Fable candles for that matter). If you love tropical and coconut scents this is the candle for you. Perfect Summer candle!

Awesome Scent

The Amalfi Coast scent is one of the best from Fjord and Fable. Love the sweet, citrusy and floral smells that this candle gives off! Burns very evenly and fills the area of the house across multiple rooms with its great scent! Highly suggest this scent for those that love citrus and or floral candles!


I love this candle. I came back to order several more. It’s a wonderful scent. Not too powerful and sort of woodsy. It makes my stress melt away! I don’t like floral scents and this candle is just perfect

Great patio candle

This candle burns nicely and has a great smell. Not overpowering. Seems to work to keep bugs away. Love it!

Love these candles

Bought a few at the Farmers Market recently. They burn great and have a pleasant aroma - not too strong

Amalfi Coast in October

Literally reminds me of my trip to the Amalfi coast. The lemon scent is so fresh and reminds me of all the lemon themed items found in the shops in Positano. I love burning this in the kitchen or my bedroom during the day. The violet and melon scents are a great addition.

Reminds me of my favorite perfume!

This candle smells delicious. Reminiscent of Tom Ford's Lot Cherry perfume, but lighter because of the peach and plum notes. A summer fruit basket in a jar!

Warm Summer Scent

I love this candle. It smells warm and sweet without being overpowering. Perfect for burning in the evenings when you're winding down.

Scent Discovery Kit
Joan Legnosky

i won a drawing for the scent discovery kit and ALLLL of the candles smell amazing!!


I have every candle F&F has put out. I'm a huge fan, and with Kraken, their newest scent, that will never change! It smells amazing, and it burns so clean. I have quite a collection of whiskey glasses thanks to Fjord and Fable. Looks like I'm adding more to my collection. Best candle company ever! I can't wait for new scents. Until then, I'm happily buying multiples of this one (and several others) :)

Love This Scent!

I bought this candle as a mother's day gift and it sounded so good that I bought one for myself also! The scent is amazing and the burn time is impressive! I'll definitely be getting more for spring and summer. Its the perfect gift for somebody too.

Delightfully Unique Scent

I am obsessed with this candle. The scent combination is unlike any other and blends together to create an intoxicating aroma that quickly fills the room without overpowering.

This has a nice, clean smell with a slightly earthy undertone; it very much reminds me of spring.

Lovely rose forward smell that is not overly sweet due to the sandlewood and musk.

The Best!!!!

Quite possibly the best smelling candle I have ever owned!!!!! Beautiful and burns perfectly! Thank you!!!!!

Favorite scent

This is my favorite candle. I absolutely LOVE the scent. It’s so calming and relaxing. I will make sure I never run out of this candle!!

Great candle

Great scent and happy to support a small business!

Yule Log ∙ Fireside, Fraser Fir & White Birch

Love this candle! Perfect for winter!