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The candle smells amazing, earthy and cozy. It doesn't quite smell like true petrichor, but it absolutely gives the same vibe.

Great for office

I love using the tin candles in my office. The "flawed" ones aren't flawed in any way except minor cosmetic issues, so I like to stock up on these when I can.

Spicy perfection

I am sorry to see this scent be discontinued, as I love the cinnamon-ginger-clove combination in it. Hopefully some of the new scents can capture something similarly spicy in one form or another.

Reminds me of my childhood!

I love the smell of Ladon. It reminds me of my childhood and the scents from spring flowers. My mom loved honeysuckle and it gives me such great memories of her.

Amazing smell!

We own a small dog and I wanted to "freshen" up the room before company came. I sprayed this on our decorative blanket and pillows. It made the room smell of spring. I love having these on hand to make the house smell fresh.

One of my favorite holiday scents!

I love all their holiday candles, this is a great one!

Gretel Candle
Lovely holiday candle!

I love the ginger forward smell!

Ritual Candle
Smells like a spa!

Great candle - a lighter fragrance than some - but in a good way!

Love all the handsoaps!

I love all the handsoaps - they are a splurge - but it leaves a nice scent on your hands! And it's great they take them back for reuse now.

Great Scent

I bought this for a friend's birthday and she loved the scent!

Masculine and Fresh

I always feel a little odd telling people that as a woman I enjoy masculine scented candles. Not cologne - deep scents that remind me of a library or romantic restaurant. This is one such candle. The blend of suede, amber and frankincense always heightens my senses and makes for an inspiring environment. It's my go to candle at F & F.


Genuinely the best vanilla scented candle I’ve ever had. It’s already gone and I bought it like a week ago

Tulum Candle
Steven H.

I've never ordered an F&F candle I didn't like!

Great soap, didn't last as long as I'd hoped!

The baltic amber scent is really nice, and I love the glass bottle and subtle branding of the label. The soap lathers really nicely and doesn't dry out your hands. Overall it's an excellent soap! My only complaint is that the pump tube is way too big - you barely need any of this soap and the tube gives you too much. This soap is expensive and it barely lasted 3 weeks because it dispenses too much at once. For that reason I won't purchase again for daily use, but it would make a good housewarming/host gift.

Cold Moon Candle
Elizabeth W.
Have this burning now and I love it!

I have this burning now, and purchased it for a coworker and she loved it as well!

Mistletoe Candle
Elizabeth W.
The recipient loved it!

I loved this scent, and purchased it for a coworker and she loved it as well! These candles are now my favorite!

Janus Candle
Elizabeth W.
Love this scent!

I loved this scent, and purchased it for a coworker and she loved it as well!

Seems like Christmas

These are the best candles ever! I bought a 2 wick one and used it so much it was half gone after a week so I went back for the 3 wick one. It makes the whole house smell so good. I just wished they lasted longer

Tortuga Candle
Colleen F.
signature scent

I love this scent so much. It's great for all seasons and so elevated. I would love for this to be the scent that reminds my friends of me (if not this than Cold Moon). I have yet to meet a Fjord and Fable candle I don't like, but this one is one of my staples.


Smells so good, very fresh and warm, just like a warm hug. I think all of the candles I have smelled from here have smelled expensive but this one is amazing!

Smells so expensive!

This candle smells like you walked into a luxury hotel or spa. I burn it constantly, and I can't get enough. It's a little musky, but gorgeous. I am stunned by hour much I love this candle. I have never had a candle that smells this good!

Love this scent!

Came in the most *gorgeous* blue glass. The scent it provided before even lighting the wick is so nice- and it burns so pleasantly.

Perfect Scent for Guest Bath

Purchased this for my half bath- and it is so light and fresh even when not burning.
SUPER happy and will be purchasing a larger size!

I’ll never go without it

This spray smells incredible. It keeps the soft surfaces in my home smelling so fresh. I even spray this onto my clothes sometimes. The scent is just so comforting and fresh and perfect in every way.