About Our Products

The candle industry isn't always forthright with information, but we believe in full transparency.  We want to offer the best product available without all of the harmful chemicals that larger candle companies typically use.

All of our products are hand crafted with 100% natural soy wax, premium fragrance and essential oils, and lead-free, zinc-free cotton core wicks.  All of our ingredients are ethically sourced and well researched.

What's all of the hype with soy wax about?

One of the most commonly used waxes in candle making is paraffin wax, which is derived from coal petroleum and shale oils. Have you ever noticed black smoke or residue on your walls or ceilings when burning a candle? That's generally paraffin wax. Soy wax, on the other hand, is derived from soybeans, therefore, not only making soy candles a healthier alternative to paraffin wax candles, but also making them more sustainable. We source our soy wax from suppliers that use soybeans from American farmers only.

Keep in mind that some candle companies will identify their candles as a "soy wax blend." This doesn't necessarily mean that there is paraffin wax within, but it does indicate that it's not 100% soy wax. If you're not burning a 100% plant-based wax candle, there is a chance that you are burning carcinogens into your home and breathing it in. We suggest asking the candle maker before making a purchase.

Are there any hazardous chemicals used in our candes?

No. We first ensure that our products do not contain any chemicals contained within the California Proposition 65 list, which is commonly used nationally as a benchmark for product safety. Even further, we assure our products contain:

NO Acute Toxins

NO Carcinogens

NO Mutagens

NO Organ Toxins

NO Phthalates

NO Reproductive Toxins

NO Sulfates

In order to make the safest product available, we follow IFRA Standards with all of our essential oil and fragrances.  You can learn more about IFRA here.

Did we miss something that you're concerned about?

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to address any of your worries.  This information page will continue to grow with your help.