Not Quite Perfect 4oz Candle - FJORD AND FABLE
Not Quite Perfect 4oz Candle - FJORD AND FABLE

Not Quite Perfect 4oz Candle

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Our 'Not Quite Perfect' collection features products that deliver the impeccable performance you expect from Fjord and Fable, with some minor cosmetic variations identified during post-production or due to natural aging over time. These variations could include slight imperfections in glass or labels, or even the occasional blend of unexpected fragrances. These products are a result of our meticulous quality assurance process and our commitment to reducing waste.

This collection offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy our high-quality products at a discount, especially if visual perfection is not your primary concern. It's the perfect choice for those who value exceptional functionality and eco-consciousness, alongside a great deal.

Partial Fill: These products are only partially filled. They are unused and priced according to the fill. They are the result of a quantity miscalculation during production.

Vegan ∙ Zinc-free ∙ Lead-free ∙ Phthalate-free ∙ Ethically Sourced and Created ∙ Pesticide-free ∙ Zero Animal Cruelty

Customer Reviews

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Sarah S.
Love love love!

This candle has made my basement art studio smell incredible! I'm in love with the Sphinx scent. I couldn't tell there was anything less-than-perfect about the candle. I love it.


I was hesitant to buy a "not quite perfect." I wasn't sure what I was going to get, but I really like the Tortuga scent, so I got one of these along with a regular Tortuga. There are some minor imperfections in the glass at the top, but still the same great scent and nothing crazily imperfect!


I ordered Yule Log and honestly can’t even tell where the imperfection is with mine. But I’m definitely happy to have picked up a deal and am very happy with the scent, which is what matters anyway. It’s a perfect holiday scent that smells like trees mixed with a fireplace scent. I will definitely repurchase Yule Log

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