Petrichor Room + Linen Spray - FJORD AND FABLE
Petrichor Room + Linen Spray - FJORD AND FABLE
Petrichor Room + Linen Spray - FJORD AND FABLE

Petrichor Room + Linen Spray

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Inspired by the concept of petrichor, this scent encapsulates the rejuvenating essence of the earth after a fresh rain. Ozone leads the way, delivering that unmistakable clean air sensation, which deepens into the verdant embrace of oakmoss. The warmth of amber ties everything together, recreating that cherished moment of nature's renewal in your space.

Petrichor /ˈpeˌtrīkôr/ a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

Scent Notes: oakmoss ∙ amber ∙ ozone
Infused with natural essential oils: orange peel, lemon peel, petitgrain, sage and lavandin.

Our Room + Linen Sprays offer a fresh and easy way to fragrance your home, car, garments and linens. Made with the same high quality, premium fragrance oils that we use in our candles.

  • Mist cushions and drapes to liven up the scent of a room.
  • Brighten laundry by spraying clothes after removing them from the dryer.
  • Keep our Room + Linen Spray handy in the bathroom.

Vegan ∙ Paraben-free ∙ Phthalate-free ∙ Formaldehyde-free ∙ Ethically Sourced and Created ∙ Pesticide-free ∙ Zero Animal Cruelty

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Customer Reviews

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Calming Scent

Just a little spray of this cool rain-like scent fills the room. I like it because it reminds me of the smell of the first step outside on mornings after it's rained; fresh and sweet.

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