Not Quite Perfect - FJORD AND FABLE
Not Quite Perfect - FJORD AND FABLE
Not Quite Perfect - FJORD AND FABLE

Not Quite Perfect Candle

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We created our "Not Quite Perfect" collection to help reduce waste. All of the products perform perfectly, however, there may be a few cosmetic details that do not pass our visual quality assurance check. For example, there may be some glass or label imperfections, UV discoloring of the wax, and partial pours. This collection may also occasionally include previous designs to mitigate waste of the jars and labels used in our previous designs.

Apple + Smoke - Opps: We accidentally used too much apple scent during production. This candle will come without a label, as it's technically not our Apple + Smoke Candle. The scent is still lightly smokey, however, there is a much more prevalent note of crisp red apple. It's very fresh and perfect for Spring!

Partial Fill: These products are only partially filled. They are unused and priced according to the fill. They are the result of a quantity miscalculation during production.

Vegan ∙ Zinc-free ∙ Lead-free ∙ Phthalate-free ∙ Ethically Sourced and Created ∙ Pesticide-free ∙ Zero Animal Cruelty

Customer Reviews

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Sarah S.
Love love love!

This candle has made my basement art studio smell incredible! I'm in love with the Sphinx scent. I couldn't tell there was anything less-than-perfect about the candle. I love it.


I was hesitant to buy a "not quite perfect." I wasn't sure what I was going to get, but I really like the Tortuga scent, so I got one of these along with a regular Tortuga. There are some minor imperfections in the glass at the top, but still the same great scent and nothing crazily imperfect!


I ordered Yule Log and honestly can’t even tell where the imperfection is with mine. But I’m definitely happy to have picked up a deal and am very happy with the scent, which is what matters anyway. It’s a perfect holiday scent that smells like trees mixed with a fireplace scent. I will definitely repurchase Yule Log

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