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Perfect Christmas scent

This doesn't smell like a token christmas scent. This is very unique and well done and not overbearing!


This is an INCREDIBLE scent! Very strong and clean smelling and even reminds me of a good classic barbershop!

Even Santa Will Be Impressed!

Can't wait to light this candle Christmas eve and wait for Santa!

Mistletoe Candle
Frankie L.
Perfect Christmas Candle!

It smells like you are walking through a pine forest to go pick out your family Christmas tree, love this candle!

Perfect for the Holidays!

Purchased this set as a gift and it was a big hit! They are both great scents, but I will definitely be purchasing a Hansel for myself!

Love this set!

Such great scents for fall & winter! They are both great, but I am REALLY loving Cold Moon!


Such a lovely holiday candle, very fragrant!

Absolutely perfect!

The smell, size, and appearance are all amazing!

Fall in an 8 oz jar

Love this candle! One of my favorites of all the seasons scents There's a reason it gets sold out every fall. A very wonderful combination of all the seasons scents and ingredients. And you can have a sense of relief and peace knowing that you aren't burning any harsh chemicals if you were to buy from other big brand candle companies. We have Fjord and Fable candles burning in various rooms of our home and get compliments on them all the time. Always recommend them!

Perfect for sweater weather

I love this wax melt. I bought it just before fall weather started, and finally had a chance to experience it. I can’t describe the scent better than the product description, it is all that and more! As soon as I melted it, the mood in my apartment became cozy fall evening, sitting around a small bonfire with friends, a warm flannel blanket over your shoulders to guard against the chill. It’s piney and woodsy and so, so comforting

Great Candle!

I bought this candle cuz I liked the name! It turned out to be amazing! And now I’m sad that it is sold out. Please bring it back next year!

Cabana Candle
Jahd B.
Great scent

I really love this scent!

Lumberjack Candle
Natalie L.
It's almost gone and I am not okay!

This is probably the best candle I've owned in the past decade and a half. It's so high quality and all the scent notes are on point and even better than described! I will need more immediately.

Autumn in a box!

I love this set so much! Everyone in my house has a different favorite. (Mine is Mabon!) They ALL smell so good. I'll definitely be purchasing more of these scents.

The ultimate quality

These are the most sophisticated scents! I love that you thought of every detail from the crafted scents, to the conscientious way that your candles are crafted. I am hooked!!

Smells nice but not what I was looking for

It definitely is fitting of the description, but not really petrichor. I don't get any of the "rainy day" notes that I associate with petrichor and geosmin.

my FAV wax melts

these are absolutely the best wax melts. I purchased them at the tent at the summer market in lorain. I have tried brand after brand, & these are by far the longest lasting & best smelling! I was honestly floored by how long the scent stayed. they are super high quality, & I will be purchasing them again soon! I totally recommend. I have never smelled a better tropical scent!

A Nice Scent

Just received this candle today and was excited to to try it out. It has a lovely summery scent, although I think I was hoping for a bit more lime. Still, just like with any Fjord and Fable candle the sweet scent quickly filled the room without being overpowering. My kids were really into it as well. Would definitely purchase again!


My first purchase was in search of Krampus, but came upon the descriptions of so many others I had to try! The scent was subtle and clean. I’m hooked!

Love the pop of color

Always love the scents of Fjord and Fable and this set does not disappoint! Plus I love the colorful glasses this set comes in!

Mod Wax Warmer
Diane C.
Wax melt warmer

The wax warmer so far does nice job and will be easy to remove any residual wax. I like the timer feature and also the scent strength option. Did arrive with about a one inch scratch on the gold plated bottom but will keep as it works very well and not too noticeable. All in all a nice way to bring great scent to any home.


This is one of the best rose scents and it's a shame it is discontinued!

A forest

This was my favorite of the two candles I purchased. It smells like a forest, exhilarating and fresh yet deep and complex, a little dark. I purchased a 4 oz jar: the throw is good ––fills the bedroom, though not the living room–– and the wax burns evenly. I also loved the look of the candles. Get this if you love foresty/botanical scents.

Fresh scent, great throw

I purchased this candle at the Squirrel Hill nigh market. The owner of the candle shop was so nice, and the candle smells awesome. It's really fresh and when you light it, it really fills up the room (not too intense but also detectable, unlike many other candle companies I've tried). Can't wait to purchase more around the holidays!!


I ordered Yule Log and honestly can’t even tell where the imperfection is with mine. But I’m definitely happy to have picked up a deal and am very happy with the scent, which is what matters anyway. It’s a perfect holiday scent that smells like trees mixed with a fireplace scent. I will definitely repurchase Yule Log