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Second one

I got smaller version at an art show and fell in love immediately. Great non-holiday scent for wall, winter, and early spring.

My New Favorite Candle

Smells amazing!

Vanilla & Ember

Love this scent! Very natural and not artificial.

Arden Candle
Rita D.
Smells wonderful and burns nicely

I love the aroma of Arden candle and it burns so nicely and evenly.

Mabon Candle

One of my favorites

Draco Candle
Gretchen M.

Incense smell is too strong. Was hoping for more of the grapefruit or orange Blossom

So wonderfully fragrant!

Loving my new candles. The scents are amazing, long lasting and strong without being cloying and overwhelming.

Nice melts

Pleasant smell. Strong, but not overbearing. Very clean scent and melts well.

Clean forest smell

This is one of the few holiday scents I hadn't tried yet. It smells like a winter forest in Norway--yummy....

Holiday treat

I bought this as a holiday treat, and I don't regret it. Your hands smell wonderful--just like the candle of the same name!

Love the scent combo

I really like the slightly sweet, slightly smoky scent on this one.


This smell like a coffee shop treat. Looking forward to burning it in the new year.

Perfect for the holidays!

This is my first giant candle with fjord and fable and I love it! It is perfect for the holiday season and smells amazing!

Faint scent

I like the scent of this candle a lot, but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t permeate the room very well. Hopefully the larger candle I got in another scent will!

Early fall at its finest

This is a wonderfully crisp, early fall scent.


I love the smokiness of this scent, which is undercut by the slight crisp, sweetness of the apple. The amber jars make excellent presents, too.

Excellent fall smell

This is a great scent for transitioning from late fall into the holiday season. It smells like camping in a Christmas tree lot.

Janus Candle
Kiana J.

This candle is the best smelling candle I've ever purchased. It's fresh and the whole house smells amazing in less than 5 minutes. AND unlike most candles, it doesn't give me a headache, which means I will definitely be back to buy more!

Super Clean

This is an awesome year-round scent! Smells so nice and refreshing and just clean!

This is my new favorite candle

I can't get over how good Fjord and Fable candles are. This candle is the perfect balance between sweet and "spicy." The hot throw is INCREDIBLE. It made my entire upstairs smell like gingerbread and holidays. I'm going to get a large one next!

The smells of autumn

I have enjoyed each an every one of these scents. As my title says, they have filled our house with the smells of autumn.

Best scent ever!!!!!!!!!!

Best scent ever!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect Christmas scent

This doesn't smell like a token christmas scent. This is very unique and well done and not overbearing!


This is an INCREDIBLE scent! Very strong and clean smelling and even reminds me of a good classic barbershop!

Even Santa Will Be Impressed!

Can't wait to light this candle Christmas eve and wait for Santa!